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Lessons Learned in my First Tech Buyout

I learned a lot about finance and business when I led my first technology buy-out. Here I list my top 5 lessons that helped me convince my IC. #1 A Healthy Technology Company has Healthy Sales Audit your revenue breakdown. Not all techCos are built the same. Make sure you are able to separate out … Read more

Best Books to Learn Finance – 2024

Readers, monkeys and friends. As we near the holiday season and you seek to love yourself, consider investing in one of the books to learn finance and strengthen your grasp of your career in technology investing, investment banking, business operations or simply for fun. Investment Banking by Joshua Rosenbaum A concise, well written and strong … Read more
How to enter finance without a financial background

How to start your career in finance without a financial background?

A question asked by many internet users seeking the glory/thrill of a career in high finance as seen in blockbusters such as the Big Short or Wall Steet (1987). A question I typed into the Google Search bar many times myself when I was lacking in confidence to actually nab that first role in an … Read more
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